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Title: Ali-Oops
Artist: Montana Mouse
Composer: Dallas Frazier and Barsoom Tork Associates
Midi: Alley Oop

There's a gal from the Wikisphere that we all know
She survived through the Troubles a long time ago
She's on top of her game with juicy scoops
And this cat's name is Ali-Oops

She's chased by a broken-down dinosaur
Who can drown her in spam 'til a quarter to four
She's got a funky keyboard and a mouse full of grunge
And she soaks up Wikipedia like a dried out sponge

She's the Apple mom from the British Isles
Chasing the /b/tards and baleeting their guiles
She's the Night Queen of the CheckUser Show
Look at that troll chaser go!

She rides through the Wiki mopping junk from web
Cleansing the joint of the crap we all dread
Daniel Brandt, don't bug her cause she knows better
She wields a mean pea-shooter, she's a bad go-getter

Aw there goes Ali — muhahaha look at her post
She sure is a hoot, yeah ain't she the most?
Like she's way out west in Cupertown
Nobody ever puts Ali-Oops down

Jabbering on her multi-channel Skype all night
PM'ing on the forum and dispelling the fright
Mess with her, Daniel, and she'll flip you the bird
Cuz everyone knows we all love a nerd

CopyClef 2008 Dallas Frazier and Barsoom Tork Associates.
Resurrection Hackware. All wrongs reversed.